Saleh Ssennyonjo
Location Kacyiru, Kigali in Rwanda
Member Since November 25th, 2014
Membership Red - kLab Core Team
Bachelors of Information Technology.
1. Founder and UX Designer at Sacris Technologies ( 2. I currently work as UX Designer/Software Architect at Cube Communications , a leading marketing and advertising Agency in Rwanda. 3. I have designed and developed a dynamic website for Haute Baso (, a female-owned Rwandan ethical fashion brand that works with over 160 artisans around the country who are fairly paid for each HB design they bring to life. 4. I helped in designing the company logo and branding graphics for Twubake Umuryango Rwanda, an NGO that sees development of better family life by supporting women and children. 5. I worked as a lead designer for eVolve Limited, a technology company in Rwanda (a child of 37 software solutions in UK) until March 2015. For more about me: