Venue Online; Registration: https://forms.gle/33WWSkp4By7gHNFt5
Date August 12th, 2020
Time 6 p.m. (90 minutes)
The purpose of the series would be to showcase female developers who are at the top of their technological field and to display them as the tech-experts they are. By doing so we want to contribute to a shift in the mindset of both male and female developers: • We hope to inspire the female developers by providing living proof of an abundance of other women who have made it in IT, thus helping them to believe in themselves and their ability to make it as well. • We believe that male developers will also experience a change of mindset when they are confronted with a barrage of female tech-experts. In our experience such exposure to the reality of female faces talking tech on a high level changes the inner image of male listeners about whether women can be competent developers.