kLab Case Management System
Venue kLab Telecom House 6th Floor
Date August 03rd, 2016
Time 5:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

Purpose:Case Management system is designed to allow users to make requests for services or report issues.The system helps KLab to track all issues and requests logged by users.

Benefits:Service issues reported by clients, customers or users can be reported and tracked. kLab can generate reports in order to see what issues are most prevalent and allocate resources towards resolving them.Service Life Agreements (SLA) can set in order to maintain standard times for resolving issues.Notes generated by each case can work as a knowledge resource for solving other cases.Cases can be escalated when they exceed SLA's or Severity is reaches certain thresholds.

Future Development:The current application maintains the entry level features for case management and issue reporting, The team will be enhancing the current system to enable direct interfacing with advanced IP telephony to allow for world class call center features.