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February 28th, 2015

Why do a few entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, seem to have come up with all the real innovations, while the majority of business leaders seem stuck in the rut of linear thinking? I have always wondered if innovation required some rare gene mutation, or whether I might be missing a simple formula for unlocking the ability in any intelligent business person to innovate.

While searching for an answer, I was excited by a new book, “The 4 Lenses of Innovation,” from Rowan Gibson, one of the most recognized thought leaders in business innovation. According to Gibson, you don’t ... Read more comment(s)

January 29th, 2015

kLab is currently looking for the first 15 startups to join the new StartupWave platform pilot before rolling out the system on a larger scale in Rwanda. StartupWave is a NEW kLab online educational platform that will link startups to mentors and prepare them to meet investors. It will help validate your startup ideas, learn business modeling, get mentored and develop your business plan. With its 7 stage process, it allows you to join in with your startup or idea at whatever stage it is – by providing advice, mentorship, business support and the chance for the access to funding ... Read more comment(s)

December 30th, 2014

I was recently talking to a CEO of a business I was trying to pitch our services to and he told me a story that was an important lesson to my company’s direction.

The CEO in question is an educated and seasoned businessman who also knows what they want from every endeavor they take part in. The story concerned their dealing with a software startup. The startup that was working on a custom application for the client refused to adhere to the specifications and the final product looked nothing like the expected product.

The moral of this story is ... Read more comment(s)

December 09th, 2014
Failure as a startup owner

I pioneered into joining the now overwhelmingly many Tech Hubs on the African Continent. In May 2012, I pitched Tech Start-up idea to a panel of kLab founders. My business idea was to digitize booking,purchasing of bus tickets and offering of Geo locations of public buses to passengers.

The problem that I was solving is; passenger have to travel 10 to 20 km to Kigali's main Bus Park to book a bus ticket and return to ... Read more comment(s)

October 29th, 2014

In this world of constant change, new technologies, and a thousand cultures, it’s evident and somehow comforting to me that the basic disciplines for business prosperity really haven’t changed in the last hundred years. Business success is still more about the people than the technology or idea involved. As a klab mentor to entrepreneurs I still see this every day.

I was just perusing a new book, “The Science of Success,” a collection of essays by and about Napoleon Hill, who is most recognized as the author of the best seller “Think and Grow Rich” from way back in 1937. Hill ... Read more comment(s)