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October 29th, 2014

In this world of constant change, new technologies, and a thousand cultures, it’s evident and somehow comforting to me that the basic disciplines for business prosperity really haven’t changed in the last hundred years. Business success is still more about the people than the technology or idea involved. As a klab mentor to entrepreneurs I still see this every day.

I was just perusing a new book, “The Science of Success,” a collection of essays by and about Napoleon Hill, who is most recognized as the author of the best seller “Think and Grow Rich” from way back in 1937. Hill ... Read more comment(s)

October 18th, 2014
After my bachelors at campus , I was determined not to get a job , in fact I initiated an idea to my close friends on if we should start a company, good enough everyone was up for the idea , so we opened an IT company. But I still thought we lacked the skill , then luckily I went for a training in Kenya , on mobile applications development which included business training. To be honest this was the most informative time in my academic life , I even wondered what I was learning in university anyway learning here was ... Read more comment(s)
October 17th, 2014

From 2-3 October, Kigali city hosted hundreds of business executives from around the world to attend a high–end conference on Information Communications Technology, dubbed SMART Rwanda days. The keynote speakers were His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda and co-chair of the ITU-UNESCO Broadband Commission for Digital Development and Dr. Hamadoun Toure, the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Under the theme “Digitizing Rwanda”, the conference aimed to discuss ways in which ICT can significantly contribute to Rwanda as well as Africa social and economic transformation. For three days delegates debated topics ranging from ... Read more comment(s)

July 09th, 2014
This seems so usual to almost everyone in business. When in the past few days I was reading this book entitled”Re-work by Jason Fried.” I found out these important questions to ask yourself you’re doing work that matters.

This book is a business book. Therefore I find these questions important and relevant for startups entrepreneurs. You might know them already but this article is intended to remind you. If you find them new, then you should keep asking yourself those questions before doing any work. Here we go:

Why are you doing this? Ever find yourself working on something without knowing exactly ... Read more comment(s)
June 26th, 2014
Every entrepreneur I know is short on resources, including time, money, and skills. The last thing they can afford is to waste any of these, but in my mentoring activities, I see it happening all too often. Graveyard in a startup is any activity that absorbs resources, but creates no value or competitive advantage in the eyes of customers.

Thus I am morphing the points here, with specific focus on the startup entrepreneurs.

1. Offering too many products and services concurrently. In the startup world, this is often seen as a lack of focus. Trying to do too many things with too ... Read more comment(s)